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Weather in New Hampshire changes, with four different seasons. Summer weather (May - September) can be hot and humid, but in the winter months (November - March) it is quite cold, with winds, freezing rain and snow. It's important that you know what weather to expect when arriving in Durham, New Hampshire so that you can pack the right clothes!

Average temperature by month

  Average High Average Low
January 32.1°F / 0°C 12.7°F / -10.7°C
February 36.2°F / 2.3°C 15.2°F / -9.3°C
March 44.5°F / 6.9°C 23.4°F / -4.7°C
April 57.2°F / 14°C 33.7°F / 1°C
May 68.5°F / 20.2°C 43.5°F / 6.4°C
June 77.2°F / 25.1°C 53.2°F / 11.8°C
July 82.1°F / 27.8°C 58.4°F / 14.7°C
August 80.8°F / 27.1°C 56.9°F / 13.8°C
September 72.8°F / 22.7°C 49.1°F / 9.5°C
October 60.8°F / 16°C 37.7°F / 3.2 °C
November 48.7°F / 9.3°C 30.0°F / -1°C
December 37.3°F / 2.9°C 19.7°F / -6.8°C

To find out more about what clothes to bring with you to the U.S., check out the Things to Pack page.

Did you know?

  • In the U.S., temperature is calculated in degrees Fahrenheit (°F).  

  • To convert from Fahrenheit to Celcius, use the following formula: (°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C

  • This means 80°F is approximately 27°C