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Things to pack

Things to pack

You must be wondering what you should bring with you to New Hampshire.  Here's a list of things to think about when getting your suitcase ready!


Pack as lightly as possible. Remember, anything you forget to bring can be purchased. There are many places to go shopping near campus, and you will have an opportunity during orientation to go to a local shopping area.


Be prepared for the changing weather. For summer, you will need light casual clothes, and in the winter, mittens or gloves, a hat and at least one heavy coat, are essential. Students at UNH dress casually for most functions, including classes. It may be appropriate to dress more formally for some social events. Your national dress is always welcome and will be appreciated at special events. 


You will need an assortment of footwear. Sandals for summer, heavier boots/shoes for winter, something for a formal occasion.You'll probably want to bring comfortable sneakers or flat shoes for walking around UNH. 

Mementos from Home

Bring some familiar objects to make you feel more at home. Consider bringing some small significant items to place next to your bed or hang on the wall.

Household Items

Plan on buying most of your household items (small electrical appliances, blankets, cooking and eating supplies) once you have arrived. If you have space in your suitcase, you may want to bring a set of Twin XL sheets (bed size 99cm x 203cm) and towels from home to get started.


Make sure you don't pack anything valuable into the suitcase in case your checked luggage gets lost. Carry all your important documents, medications, toiletries etc. in your carry-on. You will want to also have a change of clothing with you.

Traveling with Money

It is unsafe to carry a lot of cash.  Do not bring more than US$300 in cash while you travel (the cash should include small bills). Be aware of your personal belongings at all times during your travel. Check your home government’s regulations concerning transferring funds to the United States. Expenses may be heaviest when you first arrive in the U.S. During orientation, you will be given information about opening a bank account in the United States, so that money can be wired or deposited.

Did you know?

  • is a web site where you will find packing lists, advice and important links, including a link to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration web site where you can find out which items are prohibited for air travel.